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Image of participants of a virtual videoconference on a laptop.

Planning a conference in the time of COVID-19: Tips for organizing a successful online event

Krystin Dubuc // Community Futures Fraser Fort George Picture this: You are in the process of planning your inaugural conference and have already done so much. You have recruited a committee of dedicated volunteers, booked your venue, met with sponsors, and lined up speakers. All seems to be falling into place when disaster strikes – in our current scenario, it’s a global pandemic that puts strong restrictions on crowds. Suddenly, your event is in jeopardy. How can you organize a conference now if you aren’t allowed a room of more than 50 people who can’t stand more than two metres

A customer picks up an order at the Mr. Sushi restaurant.

7 steps you can start today to safely re-open your business

Camila Sanchez On May 6, the provincial government announced BC’s Restart Plan. This is a four-phase approach that outlines the safe re-opening of BC businesses and sectors that were previously closed due to COVID-19. BC is currently in Phase 2, which means these businesses can now re-open (in addition to sectors that were never ordered closed): (Source: BC Government) Restoration of health services Re-scheduling elective surgery Medically related services: Dentistry, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, and chiropractors Physical therapy, speech therapy, and similar services Retail sector Hair salons, barbers, and other personal service establishments In-person counselling Restaurants, cafes, and pubs (with

A mentor guides a young woman in computer work.

4 ways mentoring helps in tough times: Applications now open for women entrepreneurs

Kaitlyn McConnell As the Mentoring Program Manager, I talk to a lot of women business owners. They tell me all the time, “I can only talk to my friends and family so much about my business.” These days, when your friends and family are dealing with their own stresses due to Covid, you might feel even more reluctant to share your business issues with them. Connecting with a mentor who is an established entrepreneur can provide that much-needed support – whether you’re struggling to make it through, or using this time to innovate in your business. At Women’s Enterprise Centre

Darrin Rigo

Community Futures Business Resource Assistant: Helping you make sense of information overload

Krystin Dubuc Over the past few weeks, announcements of new supports for small business have become a daily occurrence. While designed to provide a lifeline during these uncertain times, the constant stream of information hitting our inboxes can create more questions than answers and has left small business owners with more questions while scratching their heads while trying to make sense of it all. As if owning and operating a business doesn’t come with enough tasks, the added task of sifting through information can lead most entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed. As a small business resource centre, Community Futures Fraser Fort George

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