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Community Futures Consulting Grants for Women Entrepreneurs Program

Krystin Dubuc // Community Futures Fraser Fort George It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted women in business. Across the country, and around the world, female entrepreneurs were more likely to lose contracts, lay off staff, or close their business as they were more likely to work in sectors that saw greater impacts such as retail, personal services, and arts and recreation. Women led businesses have also had a harder time recovering compared to male-led businesses and are still facing many of the same challenges that were present at the beginning of the pandemic. In response


Five tips to get better recruitment and retention mileage

Tamara Shaw // COVID-19 Business Recovery Recruiters, Work BC Welcome to December, the fastest moving month in a really long year. We have experienced significant economic changes in such a short time frame. The changes are so large, it is difficult to remember what life was like pre-pandemic. Businesses have been looking for opportunities to streamline the way business is done; from evaluating services and products to assessing teams and roles to ensure the most efficient delivery of services is happening, while eliminating inefficiencies wherever possible. We have been reminded over the past year that recruitment and retention is a

What’s in store for the 2021 #TrueNorth Business Development Forum?

Kendall Robertson // Prince George Chamber of Commerce The Prince George Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the return of the #TrueNorth Business Development Forum on January 25th, 2021! The event is once again sponsored by LNG Canada. #TrueNorth focuses on providing tools to build a strong and prosperous Northern BC. Given the challenges experienced in 2020, this coming event may be the most important to date! This year’s theme is “Leadership through Recovery”. What to Expect This year, the #TrueNorth Business Development Forum will take place virtually from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  Keynote speakers include David Irvine

Recruiting During COVID-19

Tamara Shaw // COVID-19 Business Recovery Recruiters, Work BC Conducting business during a pandemic is something no one in 2020 had been trained to do. The experience is unprecedented in current business theory and approaches. We all had to quickly identify hidden opportunities, markets, and under-served areas within our business scope to ensure the ongoing viability of our focus. As the pandemic extended and continues with no solid end in sight, there is a need to continue identifying avenues to lean and streamline the work we do and the way we provide our service. COVID-19 Business Recovery Recruiters (CV19BRR) is

Female entrepreneur works at a computer.

Is your business financially fit? 3 tips to tone it up.

Bobbi Carpino // Women’s Enterprise Centre When I first made the bold move to start a business, I put a lot into it.  I spend countless hours developing my products and services, branding, marketing and getting the word out to my customers. “I did it,” I thought. “I’ve created a business and people like what I have to offer!” But wait… now I have invoices, expenses, I’m charging taxes— that shoebox is filling up with receipts, I have bills to pay. The financial side of my business began to feel overwhelming.  And, it turns out, I’m not the only business

Image of an open sign at a business.

Introducing the Fraser Fort George Outreach Program for local businesses

Krystin Dubuc // Community Futures Fraser Fort George (with contributions from Amelia Merrick) The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to place pressure on our local businesses and organizations, which will have longstanding consequences that are just starting to emerge now. To help understand these consequences, Community Futures Fraser Fort George (CF) has launched a new program designed to provide business support during the pandemic.  The Fraser Fort George Outreach Program, with funding from the Northern Development Initiative Trust Regional Business Liaison program and Western Economic Diversification COVID-19 contribution, was launched on September 1, 2020. This 12 month program will

CEO of the Prince George Airport Authority Gordon Duke disembarks from a plane.

The CEO travels: Safety first!

Gordon Duke // Prince George Airport Authority As the President and CEO of the Prince George Airport Authority, and through my roles in previous airports, I have always been an avid air traveler, and a self-identified “Aviation Geek”. With the shut-down of air travel at the height of COVID-19 restrictions, I underwent the longest period in my life that I had not been on an airplane. It felt so good to get on one again. Air travel is a comfortable old friend of mine, but for those of you who travel infrequently or wonder how it looks now and how

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What business owners need to know about the temporary layoff period in British Columbia

Kendall Robertson // Prince George Chamber of Commerce The deadline for British Columbia’s temporary layoff period is fast approaching. On June 25th, the province extended the temporary COVID-19 layoff period to August 30th after recommendations to do so from the B.C. Chamber of Commerce network. So, what does that mean for business owners? What is a temporary layoff? The Government of B.C. states that an employee is laid off when they’re given less or no work with the plan that the employee will eventually return to a regular schedule. If an employee is laid off, they are still considered to

Northern BC Tourism Resiliency Program Supporting Businesses on the Road to Recovery

Rita Dubman // Northern BC Tourism Association The Northern BC Tourism Resiliency Program provides Northern BC tourism businesses with meaningful, hands-on guidance and support to manage the immediate impact of the COVID 19 crisis, adapt and work towards long-term resiliency. “This program was designed by the tourism industry for the tourism industry and intended to provide guidance to tourism businesses through this challenging time,” says Clint Fraser, CEO, Northern BC Tourism Association. “We encourage businesses that need additional assistance to register for the program.”  The program is part of the province-wide Tourism Resiliency Network, a partnership between the British Columbia

Image of participants of a virtual videoconference on a laptop.

Planning a conference in the time of COVID-19: Tips for organizing a successful online event

Krystin Dubuc // Community Futures Fraser Fort George Picture this: You are in the process of planning your inaugural conference and have already done so much. You have recruited a committee of dedicated volunteers, booked your venue, met with sponsors, and lined up speakers. All seems to be falling into place when disaster strikes – in our current scenario, it’s a global pandemic that puts strong restrictions on crowds. Suddenly, your event is in jeopardy. How can you organize a conference now if you aren’t allowed a room of more than 50 people who can’t stand more than two metres

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