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Making time for self-care

Shirley Hogan // Canadian Mental Health Association of Northern BC Self-care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and those around us. Some people think self-care is selfish or inconsiderate; however, we cannot help or care for others if our own cup is empty. Often as our schedules fill up and time is limited one of the first things to go by the wayside is self-care. If we don’t have the energy or time for self-care, it’s helpful to remember that self-care actually increases your energy and helps you be more effective. These are trying

Supporting women’s mental health in the workplace

Mary Lu Spagrud // Canadian Mental Health Association – Prince George/Quesnel Branch The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as, “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to their community.” Women are being impacted in the workplace. Many jobs that have been relentlessly altered by the pandemic, including service and hospitality, travel, and retail, which tend to have a higher number of women working in them. Professional women have also been taking

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Workcations: the home office revisited

Tracey McBride // Tourism Prince George Close your eyes and think about the home office! For the lucky ones, it could be a spare room they converted to a work space with a desk, and a door that closes. But the alternatives? Perhaps the dining room table is doing double duty as a desk. Or you have to spread out on the couch. Maybe it’s a portable table set up in the basement. Then there are the distractions. The kids not understanding that you are actually working and it can’t be play time all day. The dogs losing their minds

Beating those winter blues

Mary Lu Spagrud // Canadian Mental Health Association – Prince George/Quesnel Branch Have you ever noticed how different you feel on a warm sunny day? How about when it’s cold, snowy here in PG? Does it change how you feel then? Everyone’s mood can be affected by the weather. It impacts what we wear, how we feel physically, emotionally and even how we behave. But when the seasons change, bringing changes in the weather, temperature and length of day, some people can be quite impacted by this. The seasonal changes can affect their entire sense of well-being. If we aren’t

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7 ideas you can use to plan a beautiful day

Mary Lu Spagrud // Canadian Mental Health Association – Prince George Branch In these times of stress and uncertainty, we need to ensure we are taking care of our mental health. An important part of maintaining optimum health is to practice self-care.  Self-care is finding time to care for ourselves and doing things that bring a sense of connection, energy, rejuvenation and a sense of contentment. Many of these feelings can be met by doing something that makes you happy. Here are seven ways to increase happiness, and to start the process of planning your own beautiful day. 1. Strengthen

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The invisible line between mental and physical health

Mary Lu Spagrud // Canadian Mental Health Association – Prince George Branch The time has come that we need to stop talking about mental and physical health as two separate concerns and focus on health. One of the most widely believed and damaging myths is that mental illness is not a physical disease.  We have come a long way in understanding our mental health but there are still misconceptions that mental and physical health aren’t related. The World Health Organization, defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or

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Avoid burnout while working from home

Kendall Robertson It’s hard to believe that May 1st is right around the corner. For many of us, the beginning of the “work from home period” started in mid-March as businesses around the city started to shut down their offices out of an abundance of caution. A lot of people we’ve heard from in recent weeks have reported feeling more tired than normal and even emotionally drained since starting to work from home. Did you know that burnout is possible even when you’re not at the office? Here are a few ways to stay healthy and avoid burnout while working

Moore's Meadow dog park

Explore Prince George’s trails

Kirstyn Wallace BC Parks recently closed all provincial parks across BC, but that shouldn’t deter you from getting some fresh air and exercise. Prince George is home to over 1,500 hectares of green space within the city and offers everything from riverwalks to forest trails. Need to exercise your dog? Please note that all off-leash fenced dog parks are currently closed. Moore’s Meadow and Ginter’s are open to the public and offer ample space for Fido to run free. Visit the City of Prince George’s website for a full list of trails. About the author: Kirstyn Wallace is the Marketing

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