Community Futures Business Resource Assistant: Helping you make sense of information overload

Posted on April 28, 2020


Posted By Krystin Dubuc
Darrin Rigo

Krystin Dubuc

Over the past few weeks, announcements of new supports for small business have become a daily occurrence. While designed to provide a lifeline during these uncertain times, the constant stream of information hitting our inboxes can create more questions than answers and has left small business owners with more questions while scratching their heads while trying to make sense of it all. As if owning and operating a business doesn’t come with enough tasks, the added task of sifting through information can lead most entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed.

As a small business resource centre, Community Futures Fraser Fort George recognizes that entrepreneurs already have limited time with running their business and don’t have time to sit and make sense of the constant stream of information from a wide variety of sources. To assist with this task, we have deployed a Business Resource Assistant who’s role is to help local businesses navigate through the information of small business support. Some of the help that our Business Resource Assistant can provide is:

  • Support navigating through the government resources that are available;
  • Introducing business owners to many programs and initiatives that are available to support small businesses pivot their operations;
  • Connecting businesses to a Community Futures Business Analyst to discuss what financing options may make sense for them.

Right now, we recognize that small business owners have one million and one things to do, and do not have the time to sit and read endless information. Let our Business Resource Assistant help you make some sense of the information out there so you can make the best decision for your operations. We are here to help.

To reach the Business Resource Assistant, call 250-562-9622 ext 103 or 250-561-6416 Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

About the author: Krystin Dubuc is the Projects Coordinator for Community Futures Fraser Fort George, which is an organization dedicated to supporting small business at every stage in the Fraser Fort George region with training, tools, and financing. Krystin supports businesses through special initiatives and community based projects at CF FFG. Krystin graduated from UNBC in Prince George and has a passion for community economic development. She enjoys exploring the region with her family and seeking out the perfect glazed donut.