Featured Business: Pet Tech on the Run and Stretch and Fetch Rehab

Posted on November 16, 2021


Posted By Christina Doll

Christina Doll // City of Prince George

If your pets struggle with anxiety or aggressive behaviour when you take them to the vet, then you might have wondered if there’s a service out there that might be better for them. The answer is yes! Marissa DuBois opened a mobile pet service called Pet Tech on the Run in January 2018 and is ready to look after your pets from the comfort of their homes.

“I saw a large amount of pets while working in the clinic that were terrified to be there and as a result showed a lot of anxious and aggressive behaviour,” says DuBois. “I knew that a lot of these dogs would do much better at home and owners agreed. Being able to do simple procedures out of the clinic also frees up some Veterinary staff time.”

Mobile Registered Veterinary Technician appointments include toenail trims, anal gland expressions, ear cleaning, basic grooming, cat shaves, vet prescribed injections, blood glucose readings, and more.

She has also operated Stretch and Fetch Rehab since January 2021, which offers physical rehabilitation services for your beloved pets, much like physical therapy for humans. Your pets may benefit from rehab if they’ve had an accident, trauma, or injury that is limiting movement or causing pain, they’ve had recent orthopedic or neurosurgery, surgery is recommended but not an option, they have osteoarthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia or other degenerative changes, they have a neurologic disorder that prevents them from using their limbs properly, they are overweight, which puts extra strain and stress on their joints, and they participate in sports that require strength and endurance.

DuBois is well suited to the task of caring for your pets as she has a Veterinary Assistant and Animal Care Certificate and is a Registered Veterinary Technician and a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. Visit Pet Tech on the Run and Stretch and Fetch Rehab online to learn more about their services and to book an appointment. It’s recommended to book 4 – 6 weeks in advance of required care for Pet Tech on the Run and 6 – 8 weeks in advance for Stretch and Fetch Rehab. Both businesses are currently operating on a part-time basis.

About the author: Christina worked first as a radio journalist and then a public relations specialist in her hometown of Prince George for almost a decade before transitioning into her current role of Workforce Development Officer in the Economic Development Division at the City of Prince George. She has public and private sector experience in economic development, external and internal communications, marketing, social media and website management, event planning, and research. She has a passion for storytelling and for providing support to local businesses to help them grow and thrive.