“Hearts of PG” creator Bailey Grose

Posted on April 24, 2020


Posted By Kendall Robertson
Bailey Grose holds a heart while standing in front of Mr PG

It started as a way to pass time as the community began to social distance, but the idea has since spread around the globe…reaching places as far as Antarctica. Bailey Grose is the creator of Hearts of PG, a Facebook group dedicated to sharing homemade hearts found hanging in the windows of homes and businesses around the city. It’s a scavenger hunt of sorts, aimed at keeping families with young kids busy and active.  “I’d like to say it was 100 per cent for my kids, but it was mostly for me,” she says, “it was getting to be a lot with all of the news on my Facebook feed and on TV and I honestly thought even as an adult it would be nice to see something a little bit more positive.”

Grose says she believes the reason why Hearts of PG spread so quickly was due to the nature of Prince George residents who are always ready to get behind a new cause. “It’s also connected people during this time of isolation, I honestly feel more connected to my community now than I did a month ago,” she adds. But it didn’t just go viral in Prince George, there are a number of groups dedicated to “heart hunting” all over the world. “I’ve gotten them from everywhere, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand… there’s a picture from every continent. But the Antarctica one was the last one!”

Grose is also using her platform on Facebook to highlight local businesses that are displaying hearts in their windows. To participate, simply decorate a heart by using any medium you choose and make sure it’s visible from the street!