“Pandemic Friendly Entertainment – Horton Hosted” organizer Dave Horton

Posted on May 29, 2020


Posted By Kendall Robertson
Man and his children in front of their family van

Kendall Robertson

Many of us have been finding creative ways to keep ourselves entertained and connected with our loved ones during this time of social distancing. That’s especially true for Dave Horton, who organizes weekly games of drive-in trivia. Horton came up with the idea shortly after the province’s COVID-19 outbreak. He wanted to keep others in high spirits by offering a way to get out of the house while staying safe and having fun.

It works similarly to a drive-in movie theatre: cars drive up, tune in, and listen for the questions.

“It’s a blast,” says Horton, “you can play against the people in your car or you can play against other cars.” Horton says it was mostly his own friends and family that participated in the beginning, but now, new faces are showing up on a weekly basis. “Harry Potter night had 63 cars with an average of two to three people per car,” adds Horton, “the reaction has been really good, people are having fun.”

Moving forward, Horton plans to switch up the games and try new things in the drive-in format. He says he’s been approached to host drive in weddings, grad ceremonies, and even funerals. It’s all about creating a new normal.

For more information visit the Pandemic Friendly Entertainment- Horton Hosted Facebook page. Due to new regulations from the B.C. Government that limits the amount of vehicles at events to 50, Horton says the events may look different moving forward.

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