Recruiting During COVID-19

Posted on November 3, 2020


Posted By Tamara Shaw

Tamara Shaw // COVID-19 Business Recovery Recruiters, Work BC

Conducting business during a pandemic is something no one in 2020 had been trained to do. The experience is unprecedented in current business theory and approaches. We all had to quickly identify hidden opportunities, markets, and under-served areas within our business scope to ensure the ongoing viability of our focus. As the pandemic extended and continues with no solid end in sight, there is a need to continue identifying avenues to lean and streamline the work we do and the way we provide our service.

COVID-19 Business Recovery Recruiters (CV19BRR) is a supportive response to the ongoing shifting needs of business to effectively continue. Owners and founders Susan Kelly (Shift HR Solutions), Laura Lawrence (Intrepid Careers), and Diane Bourret (3 Green Lights) partnered with Leona Tanguay and Tamara Shaw from WorkBC connected to help business remain nimble through the pandemic.

These five women, with more than a century of combined experience helping businesses meet their Human Resources needs, identified their ability to help during these unusual times. “Business needs to change how they recruit and retain their employees in an effort to ensure their ongoing viability through an ever-changing business landscape,” expressed Leona Tanguay.

“One of the most expensive aspects of being a business is recruitment and retention,” identifies Laura Lawrence. With an average cost of $4500 per hire, many small businesses are losing upwards of 30 thousand dollars annually in mismatched and poor hires. The group shares tips and tricks to ensure business is able to identify and hire the best fits for their culture and needs.

Retention is another source of opportunity for savings. Often, small business feels at a disadvantage due to smaller pockets of funding and revenue. Even when a small business lacks the resources to offer remuneration at the same levels as larger corporations, loyalty of employees generated by the more personalised aspect of working in a small business offers much towards ensuring your employees stay for the long term, saving business money.

The desire to help businesses learn different ways to recruit and retain employees was what brings the five recruitment professionals together. They have creatively identified ways they are able to support local business through the pandemic by sharing their knowledge and providing insider information to help businesses increase their efficiencies. “None of this was done to increase the caseloads of our businesses,” shares Susan Kelly. It is a joint effort to ensure the Prince George business community maintains their businesses through an ever-changing environment with the knowledge and support available at no cost to them.

CV19BRR created a Facebook page to share their resources. Events including webinars to support the need for social distancing have been scheduled to share information monthly throughout the pandemic as long as business finds it helpful. Recordings of the webinars are made available through the Facebook platforms so business can access information on their own time and as they need.

Consulting at no charge is also available on a situational basis. The CV19BRR partnership is available to help. Reach out through messenger on its Facebook page.

About the author: An outspoken and driven advocate, Tamara is a passionate leader who looks for opportunities to connect people for mutual benefit. Tamara strategically engages key stakeholders at community and provincial levels to meet shared outcomes. Tamara’s love for travel has provided her entry to understanding and owning the lived experience of diverse worldviews. She enjoys finding opportunity for personal and professional development and strives to ensure others benefit from her efforts.