WorkSafeBC Guidelines for Re-Opening – Prince George

Posted on May 20, 2020


Posted By Camila Sanchez

View a recording or read the slide deck of the May 19 WorkSafeBC presentation on safe re-opening, hosted by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce.

Industry-Specific Protocols

WorkSafeBC confirmed that the following specific industry protocols will be available sometimes this week:

  • Child care
  • Non regulated health care
  • Gym/fitness/tanning
  • Piercing and tattoos

Resources for Disinfectant

Occupancy Information

Calculating and maintaining the maximum number of people in a store to support physical distancing. 

  • It is challenging to calculate the number of people that can be in a store while practicing physical distancing. Nevertheless, it is critical to evaluate how many people can reasonably be in a store and easily practice physical distancing of 2 metres between people to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • It is strongly recommended that food retail and grocery store operators have 5 square metres of unencumbered retail floor space per person, i.e. 5 square metres/person.
  • This unencumbered space would be retail floor space minus floor space used for fittings, displays etc.
  • Take, for example, a store with 200 square metres of retail floor space with 70 square metres of fittings/displays. (*See end of document for example using feet.)
    • The store has 200 square metres – 70 square metres = 130 square metres of unencumbered floor space for customers.
    • Maximum number of people allowed in the store to support physical distancing would be: (130 square metres) / (5 square metres/person) = 26 people.
    • Monitor the number of customers and staff entering and leaving the store. Once the maximum number of persons for a store is reached, allow one person in for every person that leaves. Separate incoming and outgoing customer flows if possible.
    • Evaluate whether people can easily practice physical distancing with the calculated number of people in the store. Evaluate specific areas of the store where it may be a challenge to practice physical distancing.
  • Consider asking customers about their experience of physical distancing in the store and how to improve the ability to practice physical distancing within and outside the store.

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