Tasty eats on wheels: Local food trucks to support

Posted on August 24, 2021


Posted By Christina Doll

Christina Doll // City of Prince George

The food truck scene is growing in Prince George, along with people’s appetite for new and tasty eats to try out. If you’re a fan of chasing down food on wheels, this blog will help you find whatever delicious bites you’re in the mood for any day of the year.

Glazed – Food Truck

Photo Credit: Giles Palmer

If you have a sweet tooth, you need to check out Glazed. The owners of this food truck sling freshly made doughnuts and coffee out of a brightly decorated truck. The smell of fresh baked doughnuts is guaranteed to draw you in.

Where to find them: They’re parked at the Wilson Square Farmers’ Market every Saturday. Check out their Instagram page to view before you buy. And you’ll want to buy ALL of the doughnuts.

Kusina Tasty Food

If you’ve ever found yourself craving authentic Filipino food and don’t know where to find it, then you need to track down Kusina Tasty Food. They serve up Filipino dishes like pork BBQ, grilled chicken, and fresh spring rolls, along with a range of more traditional foods.

Where to find them: They tend to be parked at Duchess Park but have also been spotted at the Farmers’ Market downtown. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for changing locations.

Legendary John’s Spud Truck

Photo Credit: Chuck Chin

You can’t miss this big lime green food truck when it’s out and about, and you won’t want to! They specialize in fries made from potatoes grown by a local farmer and hotdogs loaded with delicious toppings. They offer a veggie dog for those who don’t eat meat.

Where to find them: They’re regularly parked at the Wilson Square Farmers’ Market but move around a bit so watch their Facebook page for updates.

Piperz Snack Shack

This food truck offers everything from onion rings, mozza sticks, and taquitos, to corn dogs and chicken fingers. They’re the perfect spot to stop and grab a quick snack on the way out or back from an outdoor adventure.

Where to find them: They roll around town a lot but have often been seen at the Petro Canada in Beaverly. They don’t have a Facebook page, but if you search for them, their location is usually posted in a local group.

Sissy’s Sizzling Grill Food Truck

This food truck is all about dishing up homestyle classics, including a variety of burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, and even nachos. The menu is always growing, so make sure to check in with them often.

Where to find them: You can find them parked in the Kal Tire parking lot in the BCR Industrial Site Tuesday to Friday from 11 am – 2 pm. Watch their Facebook page for menu updates!

Smokey J’s

Photo Credit: Chuck Chin

This food truck has been dishing up delicious smoked meats to Prince George residents for several years now. Savour their pork ribs, pulled pork, or brisket on brioche. And we’ve heard their mac n’ cheese is the stuff dreams are made of!

Where to find them: They move around a lot, but have been spending a bit of time parked at the Powerhouse Plaza. Watch their Facebook page for location changes.

The Gosling

If you’ve love the French cuisine served up at the White Goose Bistro, then you’ll love the White Goose on wheels, better known as The Gosling. Hit this food truck up for fried pickles, fish tacos, poutine, and more.

Where to find them: They’ve been spotted parked outside of the White Goose Bistro, but can also be found at festivals and big events like SummerFest Saturdays. Watch the restaurant’s Facebook page for updates.  

Veg Head Killer Food

Photo Credit: Becky Dochstader

Love tacos, roasted corn on a stick, and grilled pineapple? Then you need to hit up this food truck. The best part is their food is completely plant based and gluten free, so anyone can enjoy their tasty creations.

Where to find them: They’ve been spotted at the Hart Night Market and the BC Northern Exhibition. Watch their Facebook page for future locations!

Watch for this New Food Truck: Castiron Crepes

You can currently find Castiron Crepes at their Wilson Square Farmers’ Market food stand every Saturday, but word on the street is that a food truck is in the works. Choose from strawberry and banana, peaches and cream, and toasted s’mores crepes, all of which can be made with vegan batter and coconut whip cream for those who don’t or can’t eat dairy!

Where to find them: The Wilson Square Farmers’ Market, but watch their Instagram page for updates about their food truck plans.

About the author: Christina worked first as a radio journalist and then a public relations specialist in her hometown of Prince George for almost a decade before transitioning into her current role of Workforce Development Officer in the Economic Development Division at the City of Prince George. She has public and private sector experience in economic development, external and internal communications, marketing, social media and website management, event planning, and research. She has a passion for storytelling and for providing support to local businesses to help them grow and thrive.